36 points for degree completion On-campus instruction*
Part-time or full-time program** Fall intake only
3-6 terms to complete
Practical courses in life insurance, property/casualty insurance, pensions, and risk management taught by leading experts. Extensive professional and career development features.

* Select courses are available online.
** International students are responsible for ensuring they have read and understand the University’s student visa application eligibility and requirements. Please note that it is not permissible to enroll while in B-1/B-2 status. In addition, if studying on a student visa, you must enroll full-time (12 credits per term) and study on campus.

Students should anticipate 5 to 10 hours of work per week per course.

Courses typically meet one or two times a week. Working professionals should be able to complete the program taking evening courses, although many courses are also offered during the day. Students may enroll in the program either full-time (12 or more points per term) or part-time (fewer than 12 points per term). Full-time students complete the program in three semesters. Part-time students are required to complete the program in six semesters. Individualized programs of study may be developed to accommodate those students who have completed some of the required coursework prior to entering the program as well as those students who wish to do additional coursework in risk management, data analysis, and mathematical finance. Advanced students may take electives in mathematical finance, risk management, and advanced statistical methods.

The degree requires completion of 36 points to graduate, not including points earned in ACTU PS5900 Proseminar in Actuarial Science or ACTU PS5995 Internship in Actuarial Science.

Course Requirements and Waivers

  • Each semester, all full-time students are required to enroll in ACTU PS5900 Proseminar in Actuarial Science unless they secure an internship, in which case they instead will enroll in ACTU PS5995 Internship in Actuarial Science. These courses are optional for part-time students.
  • All other required courses related to actuarial organization examinations may be waived if the student has met the requirements of these examinations. Such students will substitute these courses with approved electives. Student may waive courses by providing a transcript from the SOA or other actuarial organization proving successful completion. Students not waived from required courses may also add electives to their program of study with the approval of the academic adviser.
  • STAT GU4282 can be waived if students have satisfied the SOA VEE in Applied Statistics prior to enrollment in the program.
  • Actuarial Methods I and II PS5821/PS5822 can be waived if students have passed the MLC exam.
  • PS5830 Stochastic Processes can be waived if students have passed the MFE/3F exam.
  • PS5823 Actuarial Models can be waived if students have passed the C/4 exam.
  • If STAT GU4203 is not completed with a B- or higher, it must be repeated by the student.
  • All waived courses must be substituted with electives.