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Readmission Master of Science students who were in good administrative and behavioral standing when their student record was deactivated may submit a new application for admission if no more than one year has elapsed. A degree candidate who leaves the University without obtaining a leave of absence, or who has failed to pay all outstanding debts to the University, may not be readmitted. Students will need to receive approval from the Office of Student Affairs, contingent upon the merits of the student’s request and the request of the program director, in order to be readmitted. Non-degree students in good administrative and disciplinary standing when they left the University need only submit a new application for admission if more than two years have elapsed. A student wishing to apply for readmission must re-apply to their program as if a new student and submit an application to the Office of Enrollment Management at least four weeks before the first day of registration for the term in which he or she wishes to resume studies. If readmitted, the student becomes subject to all current requirements, as interpreted by the Office of Student Affairs, to fit the student’s case. In cases involving prolonged interruption of studies, the program may require students to retake examinations and/or courses, as appropriate.