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Non-Voter Resources

Are you an SPS International Student or not eligible to vote? That’s ok! While you can’t cast a ballot in the 2022 elections, you can participate in other ways.

  • Be Curious. There’s a lot to learn about American politics and government. Luckily, there are a lot of great resources to understanding the basics of it all, including reputable news sources and non-profit voter education sites. For reliable, local reporting, check out the NYC 2022 Elections Page from Spectrum News NY1. You can also join the conversation. Get the views and opinions of your classmates who are able to vote and learn what’s on their minds. 
  • Find Trusted Sources. There’s a lot of information out there  some of it is great, some of it is questionable and some of it is just plain incorrect. Make sure you’re getting news from a trusted, reliable source and watch out for bias or “spin.” Ask friends and faculty familiar with the American media landscape to learn more about reliable sources. Also consider using the fact-checking operations offered by trusted journalism sources including The Associated Press, Reuters and The Poynter Institute.
  • Get Out the Vote! While you may not be able to cast a ballot, you can make sure your American friends do. Even though many of us are stuck at home, we all still have busy lives. It’s easy to forget to make a plan to vote. As this election affects everyone, including non-citizens living and studying in the U.S., you can play a part in making sure SPS Gets Out the Vote in 2022! 
  • Remember Perspective. Most Americans will tell you there are things about our election system that just don’t always make sense. If you don’t understand something, that’s OK. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Adjusting to a new country’s politics and its electoral system can often feel like learning a new language. But by connecting with other students, faculty and staff, we all learn from each other!