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Spring 2021 Advisory

Find the latest information SPS's plans for the Spring and University resources. Message from the Dean.
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Using the imagery of a U.S. flag, a graphic reads, "SPS Gets Out the Vote 2020."

SPS Gets Out the Vote

The Columbia University School of Professional Studies is excited to announce our SPS Gets Out the Vote 2020 effort leading up to the November 3 general election in the United States. This campaign is designed to ENGAGE and EDUCATE our student body in the American electoral process while contributing to the larger political conversation at Columbia University.


SPS Gets Out the Vote 2020 will engage eligible voters by helping them register and make a plan to vote, including learning about absentee options. This effort will also connect our international student population with ways to participate in the conversation and help ensure their friends who are eligible to vote cast a ballot on election day.


This election, like all elections, affects everyone learning and living in this country. SPS Gets Out the Vote 2020 seeks to help all students, including non-citizens, better understand their part in the American electoral system as well as the pressing issues being discussed in this election. 


In the SPS Election 2020 Speaker Series, you’ll learn more about the historical context about who gets to vote, how we vote and what informs our vote in the United States. Learn more and RSVP here!

Click below to learn more about how you can participate in the upcoming general elections!