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Advisory Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19

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Embrace the Pivot to Remote Work as an Opportunity, says Dr. Art Langer

Only 41% of businesses worldwide had remote working capabilities before the coronavirus pandemic. Now, nearly all corporations have been forced to adjust. The executives who embrace the challenge as opportunity will be the ones whose business will thrive, writes Technology Management Academic Director Dr. Art Langer in Fast Company.

The article lists three ways for companies to master remote working: 

1. Lead by example. Executives should make themselves readily available on the company's virtual channels. This will likely encourage others to collaborate online. 

2. Invest in a digital mindset. Important innovations are often born through crisis, and now is the time to digitize work that could not have been done online previously. 

3. Think long-term. Having a comprehensive remote working plan beyond this crisis will prepare an organization for future disruptions and promote productivity.  

For huge firms with seemingly unlimited resources and technology, this displacement may be nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Leaders of smaller businesses are likely struggling with a new reality where social distancing is a requirement, not a suggestion.

Dr. Art Langer, Fast Company -

The executives who not only adapt to the current crisis, but evolve for the future, will be the ones to keep their businesses thriving after the coronavirus. 

Read the full article in Fast Company and learn more about the M.S. in Technology Management at Columbia University's School of Professional Studies.