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Spring 2021 Advisory

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Dr. Art Langer in Reuters: Turning Workplace Diversity Goals into Reality

Reuters published "Turning Workplace Diversity Goals into Reality," an interview with Dr. Art Langer, Professor of Professional Practice and Academic Director of the M.S. in Technology Management program. The article discusses Dr. Langer's nonprofit, Workforce Opportunity Services, which finds and nurtures tech talent in underserved communities. The nonprofit partners with corporations looking for diverse talent, as well as other universities, to educate its students and transition them into the workforce. 

The world will emerge from COVID-19 facing a skills shortage, says Dr. Langer. He will be ready to support organizations looking for talent by leaning on the strength of the Workforce Opportunity Services pipeline. 

Reuters: Has the global pandemic put a premium on the importance of local talent?

Dr. Langer: Absolutely. India, for instance, was hit very hard by COVID-19. Many companies had serious issues with supply-chain breakdowns. And when those breakdowns happen in other countries, you can’t really be sure of the controls or political situations.

If $200 billion of work has already been outsourced, and companies are unhappy with even 20% of that, that could create a lot of permanent employment here at home. We believe there will be a lot of reconsideration of outsourcing in coming years.

Read the full article in Reuters, and learn more about the M.S. in Technology Management