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Fall 2020 Advisory

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Dr. Art Langer and Tech Management Students on Leading Teams During the Pandemic

Executive Technology Management Academic Director Dr. Art Langer offers advice for leading teams remotely in his Entrepreneur article, "Why Strong Leadership Skills Are More Important Now Than Ever. 

Be open. Be clear and calm. Be flexible. Dr. Langer notes that leadership skills can be taught, and are applicable to teams from the enterprise level to the small business. 

The piece features advice from alumna Sam Wilmot and current student Laura Kudia.

Wilmot, '19SPS, and Vice President, Strategic Programs at Xerox, adds that an increase in information sharing and openness has kept her team motivated. Increase the number of check-ins you normally would have with your employees, she recommends. "She says it’s important to account for the fact that there are no 'water-cooler moments,' where information is spontaneously shared or connections are made, and that this can lead to feelings of isolation amongst your team." 

Laura Kudia, '21SPS, is Chief of Staff, Global Risk & Finance Technology Transformation at American Express. She spent ten years in the media industry before enrolling in the program and pivoting to finance. Kudia's role involves translating high-level ideas from the CIO into actionable steps for her direct reports. During the pandemic, the job has involved a lot of spontaneous adjustment. Kudia's onboarding at American Express was remote, for example.

The program gave Kudia “tools in the toolbox" — a combination of hard and soft skills — and taught her to speak the language of tech execs. It also taught her something just as important: to be ready to adapt to and learn from new situations quickly and efficiently. 

— Dr. Art Langer, Academic Director, Technology Management

Read the full article in Entrepreneur and learn more about the Executive M.S. in Technology Management program.