Tuition & Fees - Commuter

Detailed breakdown of costs


Program Cost

$5,600.00 per session

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Program Fee$5,440.00 per session

Activities Fee$65.00 per session

Covers gym and student center access, computer lab use, midday extracurricular activities, and Columbia ID card.

Health Service Fee$95.00 per session

Grants access to Urgent Care at the University's Health Service facility during hours of operation. Fees for medicine and tests, if needed, are not included. The health service fee is not health insurance; all students are expected to have insurance coverage.

Application fee, lab fees, and course materials are not included in the program cost (see below).

Application Fee

Students who apply after the priority application deadline are required to pay a nonrefundable $80.00 application fee.

Lab Fees

These fees are in addition to the costs listed above and cover expenses such as course-related equipment, facilities, and field trips

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Beyond the Game: The Business of Sports$100.00

Creating Original Theater: Playwriting, Directing, and Acting$150.00

Digital Filmmaking: From Initial Concept to Final Edit$175.00

Drawing: Eye and Idea$125.00

Experiencing Theatre in New York$550.00

Explorations in Genetics and Molecular Biology$150.00

Intensive Seminars in Modern Chemistry$175.00

Introduction to Digital Filmmaking$175.00

Introduction to Materials Science and Nanotechnology$175.00

Introduction to Robotics$175.00

Conservation Biology and Sustainability: Preserving our Planet$150.00

New York Experienced: An Urban Case Study$100.00

Painting Fundamentals: The Painted Image$125.00

Photography: The Camera Craft$165.00

Course Materials

Students should budget approximately $50 for books and course materials. Some curricular options may require additional materials.

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  • Students in Introduction to Architectural Design and Theory should budget approximately $200 for studio supplies.
  • Students are required to bring laptops for the following courses: Big Data, Machine Learning, and Applied Analytics; Biomedical Engineering: Physical Effects on Cells; Corporate Valuation; Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Changing the World Via Venture Creation; Introduction to Digital Filmmaking; Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing; Sustainable Urbanization; The Stock Market.
  • Students enrolled in Building Web Applications with Python,Computer Programming for Beginners: Coding in Java, Introduction to Programming in C, and Introduction to Robotics are required to bring laptops. Laptops can either be a PC or a Mac, but should have 8GB – 10GB of free space.
  • Students enrolled in Fundamentals of Digital Imaging and Rendering require laptops with 64-bit multi-core processors, at least 8GB of RAM (16 GB recommended), and a three-button mouse. The required software is Maya 2018 and Photoshop CC.
  • The following courses do not require laptops, but are highly recommended: Digital Filmmaking: From Initial Concept to Final Edit; Introduction to Business, Finance, and Economics; The Science of Psychology
  • For Photography: The Camera Craft, students are expected to have their own 35mm SLR film cameras.

Deposit & Balance Due

In order to secure a place in the program, a $2,500.00 nonrefundable deposit, credited toward tuition, is due upon notification of acceptance to the program. A bill for the balance due will be issued to the student's Columbia University email address in early June (Session I) or late June/early July (Session II).

Financial Aid

Individual applications for financial aid are not accepted. To learn about outside opportunities for financial assistance, we advise students to speak with their school's guidance counselor for information on how to search for financial aid and scholarship opportunities from outside sources and organizations.

Prices are subject to Board of Trustee approval and may change.