Graduate Preparation

You may be returning to academia after an absence and want to refresh your skills in one area before you submit your application to a graduate program for focused pursuit of a higher degree. You may be looking to develop specific skills to fulfill application requirements. No matter what your end goal is, we can help you reach it.

Advising for Graduate Preparation

The Postbaccalaureate program team will advise you on graduate school applications and support your continued pursuit of knowledge as you make your way through our program.

Graduate Foundations Program

This unique program provides graduate school preparation that students may customize to suit their individual needs. Students work closely with an advisor on curricular design and course selection.

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Structured Certificates and Certifications of Professional Achievement

Provide a curriculum to focus your studies by choosing from among our certificates and Certifications of Professional Achievement most appropriate for graduate preparation.


You will gain academic and laboratory experience required for applicants to the most competitive master’s programs in the field at Columbia and elsewhere. The course plan is also useful for those interested in a career change or likely to work in fields that interact with the biotechnology industry, such as business or law. It is best for students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in biotechnology and want to strengthen their qualifications. If you are a college graduate, this program will give you the background in biology required to pursue further study in biotechnology.
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Provides a comprehensive overview of business fundamentals: finance, marketing, and human interaction. In addition to solidifying your skills in these areas, you will gain experience with strategic thinking skills that are critical in the ever-evolving global marketplace.
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Hone your linguistic skills in preparation for doctoral academic programs. The curriculum focuses on language comprehension in Ancient Greek and Latin with classes that range from beginner to advanced. Having these skills at your disposal will give you a deeper understanding of classical texts in their original language. You can apply these skills to further studies in ancient history, art history, philosophy, religion and medieval studies, as well as a host of English-based linguistics career choices.
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Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

This program will help you develop skills in the core sciences related to environmental biology such as chemistry, biology, earth sciences, statistics, and conservation biology; as well as advanced class work in ecology, evolution, organismal biology or environmental policy. You will be exposed to theoretical and practical applications of these subject areas in the classroom and lab to prepare you for highly competitive graduate programs.
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You will have access to the same introductory, intermediate, and advanced psychology courses taken by Columbia's undergraduate psychology majors and gain essential research experience necessary for research-oriented Ph.D. programs in psychology from top-tier graduate programs. This program is offered for college graduates who did not major in psychology but who want graduate school preparation in the field.
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Quantitative Studies for Finance

This program will prepare you for graduate study in mathematics and statistics of finance and financial engineering. The curriculum will help you strengthen your background in mathematics and statistics for this purpose.
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University Courses

The School of Professional Studies offers access to courses in more than 100 subject areas. You can work one-on-one with an academic advisor to set an individual course of study.

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