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Spring 2021 Advisory

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John Gasaway

Lecturer; Basketball Analyst, ESPN

John Gasaway analyzes college basketball for Since joining ESPN in 2013, he’s posted hundreds of pieces, covered two Final Fours, and done guest shots on multiple platforms, including “SportsCenter” and NPR.

As’s lead analytics writer for college basketball, John’s introduced several innovations. He developed a pace- and accuracy-neutral index for predicting how many shots a team will attempt, as well as a way of evaluating whether teams intentionally deemphasize offensive rebounds or simply lack the ability to get them.

His pieces include “The Trouble with Amateurism,” “The RPI’s Birth, Triumph, and Encirclement,” “John Wooden’s Century,” “The Category 5 Roster,” “How Walter Byers Built, Fought, Lost, and Wrote,” “Why Be Bad at Part of a Sport You’re Trying to be Good at?” and “The Decline of College Basketball is Nothing Compared to the Decline in the Quality of Complaints about the Decline of College Basketball."

Prior to joining ESPN, John teamed with Ken Pomeroy and worked under Nate Silver’s direction to launch the Basketball Prospectus website. He was also a regular contributor to “The Count” feature at the Wall Street Journal.


  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign