College graduates who have some background in mathematics and statistics and want graduate school preparation in the mathematics and statistics of finance and financial engineering, or are interested in a career change, can follow a structured curriculum developed with the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics.

Students are required to maintain an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 (B). Every course creditable toward the certificate must be taken for a letter grade. Courses with a grade below a C will not count toward the completion of the certificate.


The Quantitative Studies for Finance program includes:

Calculus Courses (2 Courses)

  • MATH UN1102. Calculus II . 3 pts.
  • MATH UN1201. Calculus III. 3 pts.

Also recommended but not required:

  • MATH UN1202. Calculus IV. 3 pts.

Advanced Mathematics Courses (Choose 4 Courses)

  • MATH UN2010. Linear Algebra. 3 pts.
  • MATH UN2030. Ordinary Differential Equations. 3 pts.
  • MATH GR8210. Partial Differential Equations. 3 pts.
  • MATH UN2500. Analysis and Optimization. 3 pts.
  • Or *MATH GU4061. Introduction to Modern Analysis I. 3 pts.

Statistics Courses (Choose 1 Course)

  • STAT GU4001. Introduction to Probability and Statistics. 3 pts.

  • STAT GU4203. Introduction to Probability and Stats. 3 pts. and STAT GU4204. Statistical Inference. 3 pts.

Computer Science Course

  • BUSI PS4007. Introduction to Computer Science, Programming in JAVA. 3 pts.


Apply here for Fall or Spring. To apply for Summer, visit the Columbia Summer website.