Technology Management Prepares Graduates for Highly-Desired Cybersecurity Roles

A recent article in Stanford University’s Peninsula Press highlights the growing demand to fill cybersecurity jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that more than 209,000 cybersecurity positions remain currently unfilled, and demand for information security professionals has grown 3.5 times faster than other IT jobs. In the next three years, the need for employees with cybersecurity skills is expected to grow by 53 percent. Education in this field must increase at all levels, from elementary schools to universities.

Columbia University’s Technology Management graduate program is particularly positioned to prepare students to work in the cybersecurity industry. The master's program addresses these concerns with a cybersecurity area of focus, which will teach students to:

  • Master the establishment of firm-wide evolving cybersecurity cultures across business lines
  • Examine business model relationships to security architecture
  • Investigate recent newsworthy cases to devise strong countermeasures against possible threats
  • Plan for and manage cybersecurity issues, incidents, and practices

Read the article on Peninsula Press and learn more about the Master of Science in Technology Management.