Technology Management Alumnus and Mentor Celebrated as an Entrepreneur of the Year

In a video that played during the June gala celebration for New Jersey's Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016, finalist Giri Devanur discussed what fuels his drive as an executive.

The CEO of Ameri100, a former student and current mentor in Columbia University's School of Professional Studies' Technology Management program, said: “In my entrepreneurial career, I've created more than 1000-plus jobs. Every morning I wake up and decide: can I do something to create a new job? That's what inspires me.”

Throughout his career, Devanur has been an innovative leader in using computer science technologies to create opportunities for people, and he credited his experience with SPS's Executive M.S. program in Technology Management for updating his skills and knowledge, so that he can meet the challenges in his different roles as both a C-suite executive and an entrepreneur.

At the end of the day, he comes back to some central questions: “For me, understanding the why is the logic, and the why not is the imagination. So we can dream anything big and make it happen.“

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