What President Trump Could Mean to Environmental Policy

Steven Cohen, the program director of Columbia's Sustainability Management program and the Earth Institute, worked at the Environmental Protection Agency when Ronald Reagan was elected in the 80s, and in his experience, "... it was bad. Everything we were working on was stopped cold and the staff in the still-young EPA felt orphaned." As his work was stymied, he went on to work at Columbia.

But in his experience at both the EPA and as as a historian, even when a government has little interest in the environment, it is still a top priority for the public, and the public will fight back.

Donald J. Trump, the President-Elect of the United States, has gone on record with policy positions on the climate and environment which "are worth worrying about," Cohen writes in The Huffington Post. There are many possibilities that a Trump administration could pursue in regards to environmental possibility, and Cohen makes a clear case about what their decisions may do to the earth

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