What Can America Learn From Germany’s Energy Transition?

“Germany is leading the world in the energy transition, and we can all learn from its experience,” writes M.S. in Sustainability Management alum Katrina Prutzman for Greentech Media.

In a piece for Columbia University’s State of the Planet blog, Alyssa Rome contextualizes Prutzman’s work: “Last month...alum Katrina Prutzman (’14) was selected to be a part of the Transatlantic Program for Young Technology Leaders organized by the German American Chamber of Commerce. As a member of this group, Katrina took part in a delegation trip to Germany in which attendees focused on the theme of Smart Grid and Energy Storage. Katrina recently wrote about a few key takeaways from her trip regarding ideas that the United States can learn from Germany’s energy transition.”

Read the rest of Prutzman’s insights on Germany’s “Energiewende” over at Greentech Media.