A Q&A with “The Sherlock Holmes of the Wildlife Trade”

In the latest edition of Claudia Dreifus' "Conversation With..." series for The New York Times' Science Tuesday, Driefus talks with scientist Samuel K. Wasser, who works looking for illegally poached ivory and other illegally poached animals.

A conservation biologist, a professor, and a research scientist, Wasser's focus is on using DNA to provide forensic analysis of illegal poaching. His path to animal detective was decades in the making, and developed from his work as a leader in extracting DNA from animals.

Driefus, a longtime journalist and a professor in the Sustainability Management program, asks sharp questions about Wasser's unique career and what he's learned about the “fourth largest type of transnational crime.”


Read the complete interview and learn more about Columbia's Master of Science in Sustainability Management.