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Michael Puma

Michael Puma is a hydrologist/ecohydrologist studying the interactions of the hydrologic cycle with climate, terrestrial ecosystems, and society. Currently, he is an associate research scientist with the Columbia University Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR), which is associated with the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. He is also a lecturer at the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC). He received his doctorate from Princeton University in civil and environmental engineering under the advisement of professors Michael Celia and Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe. He also has a master’s degree in international environmental policy from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

He is currently teaching Hydrology for the M.P.A. in Environmental Science and Policy Program. In this course, students learn about the hydrologic cycle as well as processes governing water quantity and quality. In addition, the course covers how the atmosphere, oceans, and freshwater systems interact to affect the hydrological cycle and climate.