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Impacting Behavior: 2017 Sustainable Perspective Symposium


Apr 07, 2017 - 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Columbia University, Low Library, Faculty Room

Western society’s current consumption habits outpace our planet’s ability to regenerate essential resources. Achieving a more sustainable society demands changes in individual and collective human behavior. This year’s Sustainable Perspective Symposium, Impacting Behavior for a Sustainable Society, dives into the role of sustainability professionals in supporting this shift with examples of their experiences, and the solutions they are pursuing.

Join SUMASA, the student association for Columbia’s Sustainability Management (SUMA) program, as we discuss how both consumer and corporate behavior can be addressed to support a more sustainable society. Our expert panels and featured presentations with industry leaders and policy makers will provide a dynamic forum for solutions-based discussions and actions.


  • Dig into the ins and outs of designing and managing a program to facilitate behavior change with the student-led workshop, Managing for Behavior Change.
  • Hear from corporate leaders on how companies are successfully affecting consumer behavior at the Conscious Consumerism panel.
  • Learn from policy-makers on how their roles can encourage corporate behavior and transparency in the absence of mandatory requirements at the Policy Influences on Corporate Responsibility panel.
  • Discover how sustainability professionals can and will shift society with our closing Keynote Speaker.
  • A unique opportunity to continue the behavior conversation with our accomplished panelists and diverse participants during the post-event reception.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we finalize our speakers by following SUMASA on Twitter, as well as through #SUMAspeaks17!


Lee Ballin, Head of Sustainable Business Programs at Bloomberg L.P.

Mary O’Malley, VP of Environment and Society at Prudential

Yara Nagi, Director of Operations at Blue Planet Consulting