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Earth Institute Practicum in Innovative Sustainability Leadership: Changing a Company from the Inside #2


Feb 17, 2016 - 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Columbia University, Hamilton Hall, Room 717

The Earth Institute and the School of Professional Studies MSSM Practicum presents "Changing a Company from the Inside #2", with Raghusimha Sudhakara, Manager of Strategy, Con Edison.

Raghusimha started at Con Edison as a policy advisory in 2012, and transitioned to Manager of Strategy in 2012. Prior to that, he worked as a senior consultant at GP Strategies Corporation and has done consultant work for AES, L'Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société, and Consultant Co-op.

This talk will emphasize strategies for understanding organizational culture and using it to advance sustainability.

RSVP required.

To RSVP for this event, please contact Kelsie DeFrancia via email: kdefrancia@ei.columbia.edu.


Raghusimha Sudhakara, Manager of Strategy, Con Edison