Courses in Premed

Summer Premed courses are perfect if you’re either in a Premed program or are entering one in the fall. If you are planning to start a Premed program in the fall, use your summer to take preparatory coursework in Chemistry, Physics, or Math. If you are currently in a program, you can use your summer to focus on one or two required courses while gaining volunteer experience at a New York City hospital.


Chemistry Departmental Representative:
Dr. Vesna Gasperov

Lab fees, paid at the time of registration, cover the costs of nonreturnable items, chemicals, and reasonable breakage. In addition, students may be charged for excessive breakage, returning equipment uncleaned, or late check-out. Students must present lab fee receipt at the first laboratory meeting.

Mathematics Departmental Representative:
Dr. Akram Alishahi

Physics Departmental Representative:
Prof. Jeremy Dodd
924 Pupin

Statistics Departmental Contact:
Prof. Michael E. Sobel
1255 Amsterdam Ave., Room 1005

Volunteer opportunities for visiting students

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Summer volunteers must commit to a minimum of 120 hours for 8-10 weeks . Summer applications will be reviewed between January 1, 2017 - March 31,2017 . For more information and to download an application, please visit

New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation (HHC)
Volunteers are asked to commit to a set number of hours weekly and a minimum length of service, to support continuity of services for patients. Specific commitment requirements vary among facilities and programs, but the range is from three to six hours per week for a period of from three to six months. Please visit

Preparatory Coursework:

CHEM S0001 Preparation for College Chemistry

MATH S0065 Basic Math

MATH W1003 College Algebra and Analytical Geometry

PHYS S0065 Basic Physics


S1403 General Chemistry, I: Lectures

S1404 General Chemistry, II: Lectures

S1500 General Chemistry: Laboratory

S3443 Organic Chemistry, I: Lectures

S3444 Organic Chemistry, II: Lectures

S3543 Organic Chemistry: Laboratory


S1101 Calculus, I


S1201 General Physics, I

S1202 General Physics, II

S1291 General Physics Laboratory, I

S1292 General Physics Laboratory, II


S1101 Introduction to Statistics (without calculus)

S1201 Introduction to Statistics (with calculus)


The New York
City Experience

Medical Miracles
On Manhattan’s East Side, visit the oldest public hospital in the U.S. Established in 1736, Bellevue Hospital also featured America’s first maternity ward, ER, ambulance service, and ICU in a municipal hospital. The facility treats approximately 27,000 patients annually.

Hands-On Experiments
Created for the 1964 World’s Fair, The New York Hall of Science in Queens features over 400 interactive exhibits that explore science and math. Fun for scientists young and old, this science museum resides next to the Queens Wildlife Center and the iconic Unisphere.

Mortal Coil
Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum explores the intersection of death, art, and medicine. Artifacts include anatomical models, Victorian taxidermy, and more. Temporary exhibits add novelty and cohesion to the array of uncanny art and science objects.