Tuition and fees are subject to Board of Trustee approval and may change. The tuition listed is for Summer 2017.


  Columbia Degree Students* Continuing Columbia Postbaccalaureate Studies and Certification Students*
1 Point $1,692.00 $1,898.00
2 points $3,384.00 $3,796.00
3 points $4,890.00 $6,390.00
4 or more points $1,692.00 per point $1,898.00 per point

Tuition Calculation Examples

Columbia Degree Students Student enrolled in 6 points (typically equivalent to 2 courses):
6 points X $1,692.00 per point = $10,152.00
Continuing Columbia Postbaccalaureate Studies and Certification Students Student enrolled in 6 points (typically equivalent to 2 courses):
6 points X $1,898.00 per point = $11,388.00

Special Course-Specific Rates

FILM S0431. Television Writing Intensive (non-credit)** $7,624.00 per course
Arabic Language Courses $5,076.00 per course
Hindi-Urdu Language Courses $3,384.00 per course
Russian Language Courses $4,568.00 per course

*Some graduate and certification programs publish separate tuition rates for their students. Check your program’s website for more information.
**Not available to international students.

View details on tuition payment deadlines and procedures.



This listing is intended to summarize possible charges that could be incurred against a student's account. Certain charges depend upon specific circumstances, as noted. Fees that are not billed to the student account, such as course fees or placement test fees, may be required but are not listed here.

Application Fee $80.00
Technology Fee $35.00 per term
Student Activities Fee* $50.00 per term
University Facilities Fee**
Full-time Students
Part-time Students

$444.00 per term
$226.00 per term
Transcript Fee
For all new students
International Services Charge
Required of all international students
$80.00 per term
Additional Fees
Withdrawal Fee
View details on Withdrawal and Tuition Refund
Late Registration Fee
During late registration period
After late registration period


* Student Activities Fee – Some graduate and certificate programs publish separate student activities fees for their students. Check your program's website for more information.

** University Facilities Fee — Students are required to pay a University Facilities Fee depending on their registration. Full-time students are those registered for 12 or more points in all summer sessions. This fee is not assessed to undergraduate students who are charged the Student Life Fee, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences students who are registered for Matriculation and Facilities, American Language Program students, School of Professional Studies Summer Program for High School Students, or students in a course of study away from the University, where applicable. The enrolled students fee applies to individuals enrolled in a Master's program at the School of Professional Studies, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, or The Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science. This fee is subject to Board of Trustee approval and may change.

Health Service Fee

Students who were enrolled in the Health Service Program during the spring term are automatically covered through the last day of summer sessions. All other students may elect to pay the Health Services Fee for summer coverage. For more information about the Health Service Program, please visit

Special Regulations for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 

GSAS students with questions about summer Residence Unit credit should contact: Sandra Peters, GSAS Office of Financial Aid, or 212-854-6725.

Graduate Students in Ph.D. Programs

Doctoral students registered in GSAS may not earn Residence Unit credit during the summer. GSAS offers the Summer Tuition Credit to incoming and continuing Ph.D. students. Doctoral students in Arts and Sciences programs who have been awarded departmental fellowships for the fall term may receive a tuition fellowship to cover courses taken during the Summer Session immediately prior. Please note that this is a tuition credit only; students are responsible for all fees charged during the Summer Session. Doctoral students may register for a maximum of 8 points during the Summer Session. Please see the GSAS website for information regarding eligibility requirements and application procedures.

Graduate Students in M.A. Programs

Students who have been admitted to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to pursue an M.A. degree only *, and who (with the approval of their departments) are taking summer courses that satisfy M.A. degree requirements, will be charged a Quarter or Half Residence Unit or Extended Residence during the Summer Term.

* Students in the following M.A. programs are charged tuition by the credit point and do not register for Residence Units:

American Studies, East Asian Studies, Human Rights Studies, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Modern European Studies, South Asian Studies.