Baseball fans, take note: Data suggests that umpires may be biased in favor of star pitchers.

According to new research by Columbia Business School professor and Business Edge instructor Jerry Kim and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management professor Brayden G. King, umpires err in favor of All-Star pitchers 17 percent more than they do for non-All-Star pitchers.

The New York Times reported that the two business school professors "looked at data on 756,848 pitches over 313,774 at-bats in 4,914 games...On average they called a strike on 18.8 percent of pitches that were actually out of the strike zone and a ball on 12.9 percent of pitches that were, in fact, strikes."

"I suspect that players like Justin Verlander or even Koji Uehara would benefit quite a lot," Prof. Kim said.

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