Strategic Communications Alum Discusses the Power of Clear Business Objectives

Strategic Communications alum David Grad, strategy director at Siegelvision, wrote about why organizations – especially nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations – need to create clear objectives.

On Siegelvision's blog, he wrote, "How many times have you heard a marketing director say, 'Our goal is to raise awareness'?"

"A big idea without a clear objective will almost surely only result in short-term gains," he said. "I am unwilling to walk away from a meeting with a charge like, 'raise awareness.' Now, I respond to the call to raise awareness with the question, 'To what end?'”

With oftentimes cash-strapped nonprofits, the need for clarity is even more crucial. "Objectives that don’t drive action waste time and money and rarely yield long-term, sustainable change."

"Raising awareness is a fine tactic," he said. "Just don’t let it be the place you stop."