Professor Jane Praeger Explains the Power of Storytelling in Business

New York Women in Communications spoke with Prof. Jane Praeger for their blog on LinkedIn. The article featured her insights on the importance of storytelling in the workplace. 

In speaking with Praeger, the organization explored the benefits of shifting toward storytelling in their communications in order to spread their message to internal and/or external audiences.

A few of Praeger’s main arguments for storytelling include eliminating skepticism in consumers, tapping into emotions more effectively, and creating memorable stories for target audiences.

“Well-crafted stories bring issues and concepts down to earth,” said Praeger.

Her experience has proved that although data and numbers are important in persuading audiences, emotion is the most effective tool for getting people to organize around an idea.

In addition to emotion, the blog post stated, “Jane advises her students and clients to root their story in a specific time and place and set the context by answering the '5Ws' at the outset — who, what, where, why, and when.”

Read the original blog post on LinkedIn, and learn more about the M.S. in Strategic Communications program.