Prof. Jane Praeger: How to Give a Great Speech

Professor Jane Praeger of the M.S. in Strategic Communications and Communications Practice programs recently spoke with Forbes about what it takes to give a great speech.

The article, “10 Tips For Giving a Great Speech,” pins down the techniques of some of the best public speakers.

Praeger, the founder and president of her own speech and presentation coaching firm, Ovid Inc., shares that constructing a speech is often a lot less complex than people think.

"People struggle so mightily writing speeches when all they have to do is find a message and three great stories to prove it," said Praeger.

Her top tips? Keep the speech simple, keep it authentic, and think positive.

Praeger acknowledges that nerves are common when giving a speech, yet she believes that nervousness can be harnessed and channeled into positive energy.

Her last piece of advice: “Passion, commitment, and conviction are critical for delivery. You can do that whether you're soft-spoken or not. Any number of delivery styles will work."

Praeger currently teaches Strategic Storytelling, The Persuasive Presenter, and Delivering the Strategic Message.

Read the original article on Forbes for more public speaking tips.