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Strategic Communications Workshop: The New Digital Consumer in a Multi-Device World


Oct 17, 2014 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Columbia University, Northwest Corner Building, Room 501

The new digital consumer sees branded content through many channels, devices and experiences. Our world of brand exposure has never been more crowded, and the customer journey has never been as complicated. While the growth of mobile and tablet is not a recent phenomenon, this year for the first time many brands will experience more mobile than desktop traffic. When the shift to mobile first occurred, brands were following the visitors, but not the dollars. With mCommerce conversion rates at one-third of desktop’s rates, and mobile approaching more traffic than desktop, the urgency to follow the dollars is critical.

When America began the exodus to mobile devices, millennials led the pack. The first generation of adopters were comfortable both browsing and shopping online. Things changed drastically when the next wave of adoption officially moved to smartphones — 150 million U.S. users. They didn’t just move by having a smartphone, they began to consume content. Pageviews from mobile devices are up 42% in this past year alone. While growth in mobile content consumption is unparalleled, actual purchasing is lagging significantly behind.

While this shift has provided a huge opportunity for brands to reach consumers on their mobile devices with relevant, crave-worthy content, most brands have fallen behind in actually converting that content consumption into revenue and truly measuring the revenue that new cross-device consumption generates.

In this workshop you will discover the ways smart brands and marketers are overcoming the challenges surrounding desktop-to-mobile conversion rates and learn why cross-device attribution is a critical factor in the new multi-device landscape.

About the Presenter: Alex Lirtsman
As Chief Strategist and Co-founder of Ready Set Rocket, Alex focuses on innovation and strategy for the agency’s diverse clients including Ann Taylor, Diesel, Deutsche Bank, Michael Kors, New York Life, Univision, NBA and others. Prior to Ready Set Rocket, Alex served as the CMO of digital agency Purple, Rock, Scissors and Director of eCommerce at Freshpair.

Due to technical difficulties, the workshop recording is not currently available. If you would like to be notified when it’s in production, please email mn2427@columbia.edu.

Download the presentation handout (PDF, 2.6MB)


Alex Lirtsman
Chief Strategist and Co-founder of Ready Set Rocket