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Strategic Communications Workshop: 7 Steps to Grow Your Business Through Social Media for Free


Oct 24, 2014 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Columbia University, Northwest Corner Building, Room 501

The right social media strategy will increase your revenue! Whether you are looking to launch your social media effort or evolve it, this session provides the essential guide to leveraging your assets and opportunities across social media platforms  for a $0 budget.

You will learn:

  • How social media has impacted the traditional sales funnel (process from awareness to purchase)
  • The role of social media: Setting realistic expectations
  • How to pick the right networks
  • How to create a content strategy that gets results
  • Best practices for boosting audience engagement

Case studies and research will be presented, and everyone will receive a step-by-step workbook to develop a rock-solid social media strategy.

About the presenter:
Liza Horan, who earned her master's degree in strategic communications from Columbia University in May 2010, is principal of Media Moxie LLC, a digital strategy consultancy that helps organizations increase audience engagement through compelling and actionable messaging. Her media career switched from print editorial to digital in 1995 when she launched TENNIS.com and led it to become the No. 1 site for fans and players. Her experience includes leading strategy across websites, social media, mobile, and email for ESPN, The New York Times Co., manufacturers, software companies, entertainment brands, and clients including Gatorade, Army National Guard and American Express. Liza tweets at @LizaHoran and can be reached through her LinkedIn profile.

Download the presentation handout (PDF, 398KB)
Download the presentation slides (PDF, 1.7MB)


Liza Horan