Vince Gennaro: When It Comes to the ‘Postseason Effect,’ the Mets Have Won

Although the Kansas City Royals bested the New York Mets in the World Series, M.S. in Sports Management program director Vince Gennaro said that the Mets will nonetheless receive a boost in cachet.

“For the Mets,” he told The New York Times, “the postseason effect will be very strong.”

“For the Yankees to make the postseason, for example, as they did again this year as a wild-card team, is nice for them, but it’s not unexpected,” Gennaro said.

“Then there are the Royals. They made it to the World Series last year, and that was a huge thing for them. Doing it again is great but not as great as doing it the first time in a long time.”

The New York Times wrote:

For the Mets — a team that was not only awful on the field but besmirched in the minds of many fans because of its owners’ losses in the Madoff fraud scandal — this postseason should represent a return to financial clover, Mr. Gennaro said. “This is a very big change for them,” he said. It’s a reminder that there is no fundamental reason for the Yankees to outshine the Mets every year — though that has been the case for most of my lifetime.

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