Vince Gennaro on Sports Analytics and Education

Vince Gennaro, director of the Master of Science in Sports Management program, was interviewed for an article on data in sports business and education in SportTechie. The article praised Columbia's program as a leader in analytics for the sports business.

Asked about the rapid change in the graduate program, Prof. Gennaro explained that "the sports industry is changing dramatically." Because it is placed "truly at the intersection of much of the new technology that is affecting various areas of our is critical that students and graduates understand how to analyze and interpret information to make decisions."

Gennaro commented on his role as the President of the Society for American Baseball Research, saying that "the intersection point with the Columbia Sports Management greatest in the area of sports analytics. For years, baseball has been a fertile training ground for teaching ways in which sports organizations turn data into informed decisions for MLB teams." He also explained the value that the program (the only one of its kind in the Ivy League) can offer to students: "We ensure our students have been provided with an academically rigorous and challenging curriculum, from an extraordinary faculty. In addition, the Columbia University alumni rolls offer our students an unparalleled network of executives and decision-makers in sports."

Asked about what he would say to prospective students, Gennaro borrowed a phrase from hockey player and head coach Wayne Gretzky: "Our program is a 'skate to where the puck is going' program. By staying on the leading edge of the sports industry, Columbia Sports Management is really redefining sports management education."

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