Vince Gennaro on How General Managers Are Changing the Game

On MLB Network on December 23, 2014, Sports Management master's program director Vince Gennaro took part in a panel discussion on the impact of general managers in baseball today.

He noted that general managers’ activity seems higher now than it has been in recent memory. “I think it reflects the fact that right now, we're in a situation where there's a flood of information and data out there [on players’ performances],” he said. “General managers and their staffs, which are continuing to grow, are processing this information, getting their strategies and their plans in place, and pulling the trigger,” he said of recent trades and acquisitions.

“I think it's exciting,” said Gennaro. “I think it has made for a lot of fun, fans are loving it, and the fact that players are changing places is great for baseball.”

He spoke more broadly about the shifting roles and responsibilities of today’s general managers: “What I think we're seeing is a lot more collaboration down to the field through the manager. What we're seeing now are managers who are partners, hand in hand, with all of that information that's coming out of the general manager's office. That's the new breed, I think, of managers...Even some of those [older managers] are adapting to this new information.”

Gennaro's expertise on baseball analytics arises from his years of experience as the president of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

Watch the rest of the MLB Now panel discussion on MLB Network.