Vince Gennaro Debates the Neighborhood Play on MLB Network Radio

Vince Gennaro, director of the Master of Science in Sports Management program and host of the weekly show Behind the Numbers: Baseball SABR Style on MLB Network Radio, says that the new neighborhood rule, which requires second basemen and shortstops to stay on second base to get the out, puts fielders in danger of injury.

“Why would you change this rule to anchor the second baseman and shortstop at second base at the same point in time when you’re driving the runner directly to the bag? If you’re doing the slide rule to protect the fielder, why then would you put the fielder back in harm’s way by anchoring him at second base, even if it’s for that split second longer, just to ensure that he’s in contact with the bag when he makes the play?”

Listen to the entire clip on SoundCloud and learn more about the Sports Management program at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies.