Vince Gennaro Assesses the Value of Mets’s Daniel Murphy

In CNN, director of the graduate program in Sports Management Vince Gennaro explained the growing value of New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy, whose .529 batting average helped propel the Mets to the World Series.

Gennaro estimated that, earlier in the season, Murphy could only have garnered, at most, a four-year deal that would have awarded him around $40 million. However, Gennaro told CNN that “Murphy could get as much as $60 million over four years.”

Sports experts speculate that, despite Murphy’s outstanding performance, the Mets most likely won’t sign him again. In the meantime, other general managers are assessing what he might be able to bring to their teams. “They can't expect him to continue at this pace,” Gennaro says, “but they can hope that he's capable of rising to the occasion in the postseason. They may think, 'That's the kind of player we want to add to our roster.’”

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