Prof. Len Elmore Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Len Elmore of the M.S. in Sport Management program received the 2015 Fairfield University “Stags Lifetime Achievement Award: Leader of the Herd” award last month. The prize honors "distinguished service and lifetime achievement with accuracy and journalistic integrity, while keeping the efforts of the student-athletes at the forefront."

Elmore, alongside two other sports leaders, Bob Wolff and Jackie MacMullan, earned the the Stags Lifetime Achievement Award for his “contributions to the media in the college basketball industry.”

USA Today said, "Elmore, a high school and college All-America at Power Memorial and Maryland and a graduate of Harvard Law School, is in his 27th year broadcasting college basketball, first at CBS and now at ESPN."

In an encouraging speech given at Fairfield University’s honorees event, Elmore spoke directly to current college athletes: “It’s my hope that, having lived the life that I have lived, both the ups and the downs, that [I] can be an example for many of the young people who are in attendance today,” he said. "If you fall, you can get up and continue, that there’s certainly life after the game when the cheering stops, and this college education that they’re receiving has greater value than they would ever imagine.”

Elmore currently teaches Seminar in Sports Media in the Sport Management program. Read about the article about Elmore's award in USA Today, and watch the “Leader of the Herd Awards,” highlight video here.