Prof. Favorito: More Sports Broadcasts Will Migrate Online

Unless you live in Buffalo or Jacksonville, you had to catch last weekend’s Bills-Jaguars football game online, livestreamed on Yahoo.

What does it mean for sports broadcasts and their advertisers to migrate online? Marketplace spoke with M.S. in Sports Management professor Joe Favorito. According to the radio show, “even if ad prices online are less than for TV, Favorito said Yahoo could still consider Sunday a win — nabbing major advertisers for the first streamed football game.”

"Everybody is aware that cord cutting and unbundling is going on in cable television and broadcast television," Favorito told Marketplace, and this is one of many shifts toward online broadcasting.

"[It’s] just like people said, 'Hey, you can never put games on cable television,' years ago. It had to be on broadcast,” Favorito said. “Well, we know where the world is today, and that’s certainly changed."

Listen to the report in its entirety on Marketplace.