Len Elmore: Inside Basketball

Sports Management instructor Len Elmore has been a professional basketball player, a lawyer, a sports agent, a commentator, and an executive. In this week’s issue of Sports Business Journal, writer John Ourand profiles the living legend in his cover story “A Force Inside.”

The former basketball player has never been afraid to take risks in his career. As a basketball player, “Elmore had a decade-long career…[W]ith a year left on his contract with the New York Knicks, Elmore was accepted into Harvard Law School.” Ourand writes, “Elmore graduated from Harvard Law School in 1987 and worked as a prosecutor in Brooklyn for three years, eventually becoming part of a group that investigated police misconduct. But he stayed involved in basketball, working as an on-air television analyst for CBS and ESPN. Eventually his passion for the game brought him back to the sport full time, as he decided to use his law degree to be a player agent.”

Elmore not only displays the agility to pivot from one side of the sports business to another, he also brings a sense of mission to each of his endeavors. Of Elmore’s rationale for becoming a sports agent, he tells Sports Business Journal, “I played with guys who suffered because of a lack of proper counsel and guidance. They didn’t know how to prepare for their futures, financially and otherwise.” In his role as ESPN broadcaster, “[Elmore] was outraged that...a high school basketball tournament in Northern California had disinvited a team that wore ‘I can’t breathe’ T-shirts in support of [Eric Garner].” Ourand notes, “Elmore’s comments during basketball telecasts show that he’s unafraid to question some of college sports’ sacred cows” including those that are “embroiled in a cheating controversy.”

Read more about Elmore’s commitment to social responsibility and his multifaceted success in the sports industry in the March 9th issue of Sports Business Journal.