Three Questions For Jayson Council

Jayson Council's career “has been centered in the field of education,” he says, with added passion and focus “in social justice, education reform, and college access/equity.” The Nonprofit Management master’s program student is Chief Philanthropy Officer for Philip’s Education Partners, where he leads the advancement initiatives of a dynamic public-private venture that directs private resources and innovation to support the educational aspirations of low-income public school students in Newark and Paterson, New Jersey.

What got you interested in the Nonprofit Management program at Columbia?

I was introduced (and interested) through sheer propinquity. As a participant in an Emerging Leaders leadership program, I was fortunate to meet one of Columbia’s Nonprofit Management professors when he conducted a workshop for our cohort. He was beyond amazing, and I was very impressed with his subject knowledge. Through a brief interaction with him after his presentation, he invited me to learn more about the program at Columbia. After doing some research on my own, I knew this was a unique opportunity that I had to explore. I immediately followed up with the professor and was then invited to campus for a tour. I began my application process that very night!

What do you hope to get out of the program?

I am confident that this experience will benefit me in many ways. It is providing me with an opportunity to be part of a historical learning community that is second to none. Present day, there are no programs like this at any other Ivy. In addition, my professional network, skill set, and confidence are growing exponentially. My goal through this program is to learn all I can from the brightest thought leaders in the field. This program also gives me an opportunity to challenge myself to be even more impactful in my current role.

What’s been most interesting about the program to you so far?

I can sum up the most interesting part about the program in one word: exposure. We are exposed to brilliant professors that also have applicable real world experience in the sector. In addition to our professors, we are regularly exposed to amazing guest speakers. Our guest speakers just happen to be some of the most influential nonprofit leaders in world. We are also exposed to a well thought-out and expansive curriculum that has been tailor-made for us to have a meaningful academic experience. We are exposed to a very diverse group of student learners as well. Our program has a large amount of international students, which truly enhances the experience for us all. Lastly, we will be exposed to a world of infinite possibility upon our graduation!

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