Nonprofit Management Associate Director Co-Authors Two Reports

Erwin de Leon, Ph.D., the associate director of SPS's Nonprofit Management program, recently co-authored a report on urban blight and a journal article on nonprofit government contractors.

“Urban Blight and Public Health: Addressing the Impact of Substandard Housing, Abandoned Buildings, and Vacant Lots,” released by the Urban Institute, synthesizes recent studies on the complexities of how blight affects the health of individuals and neighborhoods while offering a blend of policy and program recommendations to help guide communities in taking a more holistic and coordinated approach.

Prior to joining SPS, de Leon was a research associate at the Urban Institute, where he authored or co-authored multiple reports and briefs that can be downloaded here.

“The Cost of Accountability for Small Human Service Contractors,” published in Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance, addresses whether the focus on accountability increases unreimbursed costs, something that is particularly harmful to small nonprofit government contractors.

Read the Urban Institute report here and the Human Service Organizations report here. Learn more about graduate programs in Nonprofit Management.