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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Nonprofit Management program differ from MPA and business programs?

MPA programs, such as the Master of Public Administration at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, prepare students for careers and study in public administration and government. Business schools prepare students for the for-profit corporate world; some courses and executive education courses, such as the Senior Leaders Program for Nonprofit Professionals and the Developing Leaders Program for Nonprofit Professionals offered by Columbia Business School, are geared for students who wish to combine business-based interests with mission-based, nonprofit opportunities. Focused on the broad range of nonprofit management activity, the Nonprofit Management program reflects the mission of the School of Professional Studies to prepare students, particularly those mid-career, for interdisciplinary, cutting-edge career fields.

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Are funding opportunities available? What scholarships do you offer?

The School of Professional Studies offers Innovation Scholarships for students in their final year of the program. Students receiving federal assistance may be eligible for Federal Work-Study. We list these options and many other funding opportunities on our Financial Resources webpage.

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What career services are provided? Are internships available? Are there job placement services?

The program’s administration and faculty have extensive professional experience and are available to meet with and advise you. In addition, the School of Professional Studies has resources to assist with tactical support in your search for employment or internship opportunities, and organizes events to assist with networking and career development skills.

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How much relevant professional experience do students have?

An average of 6 years.

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