Michelle Jackson

As a long standing facilitator of creative collaborative process (aka content producer), I understand that the more collaborative and multi-disciplinary our workflows becomes, the more opportunities there will be for either conflict or innovation to arise.  The NECR MS program has given me a toolset of conflict management that includes systems thinking, mindfulness, creativity, communication and integrative negotiation supporting my role in innovation processes.

The addition of systems complexity into corporations (from organization to society/world) has created extreme exchanges of ideas. We live in an exciting time where corporations are taking into consideration Corporate Social Responsibility and Triple- Bottom-Line to impact both their bottom-lines and reputations by working to positively impact their interactions with the world. Effectively a win-win, if executed with the right intent. Additionally, there is a good deal of buzz around social enterprise and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial people who work within corporations to develop new initiatives to drive positive societal impact.  All of this, supports the idea that even when working in the for-profit world, there is the possibility that you can have a positive impact.  The key to success is how you manage yourself and others through the process.