Clarence Coaxum

Life since I graduated from the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution master’s program has been slightly hectic, yet exciting. Since graduating from the program, I enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Nova Southeastern University. My desire to enroll in the NECR program stemmed from intellectual curiosity, and quickly changed to what I feel is my calling. I’ve managed to fully immerse myself in the doctoral program, and my research interests have expanded as a result of this additional work. I’m currently in the preliminary stages of doing research on gender inequality in the workplace, as it pertains to conflict resolution, which has been exciting and revelatory.

I feel fortunate to have gone through the NECR program, as it has prepared me well for doctoral coursework, while providing me with a unique experience, and introduction into the field of conflict resolution. My past courses continue to highlight the importance of the necessary work in this field, as I firmly believe in its utility. Since completing the program, I’ve worked to keep in touch with my peers, as part of the experience was going through the program, and collectively contributing to each other’s intellectual growth. My time in the NECR program helped uncover a passion that has driven me to continue in this field and uncover opportunities to make a difference.