Aldo Civico on How to Build Rapport and Influence Others

Aldo Civico, professor in the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Master of Science program, describes "three ways to build rapport and influence others" in an article in Psychology Today.

Civico explains what his 25 years of experience working in conflict resolution have taught him. "I learned that building rapport is essential to success. I would have not be able to gain insights, understand a situation, and even influence decisions, were it not because I gained the trust of my interlocutors."

Drawing from his experience but also highlighting how these principles apply to problems as simple as "your teenage kid listening to music you can’t stand," the professor elucidates the "three powerful ways" to build rapport: enter the world of the other, listen actively, and get the other's point of view.

"Putting yourself in the other’s shoes helps you to shift from judgment to compassion," the professor explains, maintaining that "if you want to influence someone, you need also to be willing to be influenced. And isn’t this what building rapport is all about? In fact, if you want to have a fulfilling and happy life, you will be able to integrate the values, experiences and points of view of the people surrounding you."

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