Dr. DasGupta on Ben Carson’s Chilling God Complex

In Salon, Prof. Sayantani DasGupta of the M.S. in Narrative Medicine program wrote about Republican presidential aspirant and surgeon Ben Carson’s “chilling God complex.”

She called attention to the many small-minded comments he has made on the campaign trail. She writes, “I stand with my [medical] colleagues who are outraged at Carson’s opinions about Obamacare ‘as slavery’, abortion as human sacrifice’ and prison as capable of turning ‘a lot of straight people into gays.’”

While she and her colleagues disagree with Carson’s stances, she also illuminates how the profession in which they work often encourages such tone-deafness and “unchecked growth of professional egos.” She writes, “I blame a profession that rewards doctors for thinking, and acting, like they are gods.”

She writes, “Ben Carson is, in the words of [an] Andy Borowitz report, single-handedly shattering the stereotype that brain surgeons are smart.”

Read the article in its entirety on Salon, and find out more about the graduate program in Narrative Medicine.