Dr. Colón Receives Nimbus Award for Service to The Arts

Edgar Rivera Colón, lecturer in the Narrative Medicine program, will receive the first annual Nimbus Award for Service to The Arts on October 17. The award is presented by Nimbus Dance Works, a modern dance company based in Jersey City whose educational programs serve 1,100 in public schools.

Colón is being honored because of his role, as a volunteer, in creating and putting into practice the Opportunity Knocks program, a course on communication, goal-setting, time management, college preparation, and guided personal development that is part of the Nimbus pre-professional curriculum.

As a medical anthropologist, Colón is an expert on Latino gay and bisexual male sexual cultures and HIV and regularly trains public health professionals in cultural competency in working with Latino/a LGBTQ communities. Read more about Nimbus Dance Works and its decision to honor Colón.