“The IBC has been a very positive influence in my personal and professional dealings, and I feel that I am more prepared for professional life after having participated for the past two summers. The students never cease to amaze and surprise me, and the interns are a constant source of inspiration and support.”

– James Spizirro, 2017

“This program has challenged me to become a better advocate for myself and causes that I believe in. I have learned to be more empathetic as a leader and resilient as an employee. My residents and the other interns in the program have challenged me to become a more critical thinker and socially aware individual.”

– Sarah Redman, 2017

“[The program] strengthened my communication skills. For example, I hated public speaking, but after coming here, I am comfortable doing it. Through NY Minutes [presentations], speaking to my residents, and working with community outreach, I always had to speak to groups, and I am now comfortable with it.”

– Chantanique Burdine, 2017

“My fellow interns were beyond supportive throughout this entire program. Whenever I was in need of help, there was always someone willing to do so. Overall, I think that the program did a very good job of supporting the interns.”

– Nikol Metaxa Rozenfeld, 2017

“IBC has made me more conscious during my interactions with others. It was a very enlightening experience to meet people from countries that I knew nothing about. I loved bonding with my students from Turkey and Kazakhstan, because I learned so much. It was also helpful to interact with the other interns. I appreciate the diverse range of universities we all go to because it was cool learning about their experiences.”

– Guneet Singh, 2017

“Coming into this summer, I didn't know what to expect from myself as I have never been an RA before. Looking back on these 8 weeks has given me clarity that I have developed some amazing leadership skills and that I am capable of caring for residents in the ways that they needed me to care for them… I can't wait to see how I use these skills going into my first year as an RA.”

– Samantha Hale, 2017

“It has been amazing to practice my community building skills with my [students] and see the effects my actions had in bringing the group closer together, that was one of the most memorable ways I've seen the IBC experience affect me. I certainly feel like my skills in working and communicating with other people have grown throughout this summer as a result of IBC.”

– Nell Clark, 2017

“My IBC experience was a 10 out of 10. I came here with no expectations. I didn't know how much this program had to offer for me to grow so much in 8 weeks. I learned a great deal about myself and my passion. After the program, I have high expectations for myself in becoming successful in my field of interest.”

– Angela Zhang, 2017

“This internship has definitely helped me evolve as a person. I felt extremely safe and supported in the IBC community and as a result, I was bolder and more confident in my abilities as a leader, a co-worker, and an employee… The people I met in this program changed my outlook on life for the better.”

– Lakshmi Sanmuganathan, 2017

“It was my first internship and a great experience overall. I was able to develop many soft skills that will come in handy in any professional field I choose to go into. Also, I learned about self-care and work-life balance in a way I never have before in college.”

– D.G. Park, 2017

“I have learned how to be a leader in this program. I have learned so much about people in general and how people truly can affect us in every aspect of our lives. I have learned to be even more empathetic than I previously was. I have learned that although I may not always agree with someone, I have to respect their opinions and find common ground to face whatever challenge may be in front of me.”

– Carrie-Anne Gleason, 2017

“Overall, my IBC experience has increased my confidence in starting and maintaining conversations with everyone. I learned to actively listen in each conversation and empathize with HSP students' and IBC interns' human experiences. In addition, I've gained confidence in sharing my own experiences and opening up towards others”

– Jonathan Chew, 2017

“Working in the IBC has taught me to step outside myself and look at things from other's perspectives. Although the problems of the students may seem trivial to me, it may mean the world to them and that difference in perspective taught me a lot about empathy.”

– Christopher Cox, 2017

“Among many other things, the IBC has greatly strengthened my conflict resolution and communication skills. The ability to balance the needs of individuals who may not be seeing eye-to-eye is central to the job, and I greatly improved my ability to handle these situations this summer.”

– Reema Danaf, 2017

“This summer has been one of the best work experiences I have ever had, from getting to know my fellow interns to being charged with looking after amazing kids on my floor. It made me more excited for what my future holds in the workforce.”

– Brett Slaughenhaupt, 2017

“This is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I joined a new program team centered on health and wellness, and by doing so solidified my career goals in the field of Public Health. I feel that this internship prepared me for future jobs and experiences related to my career goals.”

– Naomi Tesema, 2017

“There are several layers to the IBC that I can talk about. I can say how amazing it was to have New York at my fingertips and all the fun opportunities that presents. For those also interested in student affairs, I will certainly recommend the program to them, as it does provide incredibly useful opportunities to learn and grow in that area.”

– John Winkhart, 2017

“[The IBC] has made me a more able leader and authority figure. I've never been in a position of responsibility for such an extended amount of time. I've gotten to know so many different people from so many different places. I've grown as a human being and as a communicator.”

– Dawit Gebre, 2017

“The greatest thing about the IBC is that it is really up to the individual intern of what they were going to make of their experience. …. My course helper jobs taught me a lot and I sincerely enjoyed spending time with the people that I worked with. It was an amazing way to spend my first time in New York.”

– Hana Biliki, 2017