“I was and still am very impressed with the support I received. I felt like the level of structure gave me a lot of room to grow and fill into this leadership position. Even in the [function area] teams where things were more structured, we still had that nice level of independence to be a leader.”

– Max Casper, 2018

“What I’ve learned from the IBC and HSP is that I can. I am more capable and more flexible than I’ve given myself credit for in the past, and now I’m more open to giving myself that credit in the future. Being an intern here is something that’s proven invaluable—to me, to my friends, and to my future colleagues.”

– Michael Thomas Jr., 2018

“I [came] to love being exhausted at the end of every day—that was a sign of me giving my all, a sign of a day well spent… I feel accomplished with the work I’ve done, proud of the friends I’ve made, and I’ve found another place to call home.”

– Joe Tuano, 2018

“I respect how open the program is to suggestions for improvement from all its interns. I hope to bring this practice to future places of employment and for myself.”

– Brenda Macias, 2018

“Stepping out of my comfort zone by spending a summer in the city has proven that taking a chance can lead to learning and friendship. I never expected to enjoy the city and all the resources and opportunities it has to offer as much as I did.

– Lauren Lamb, 2018

“Every day there was something to look forward to and this internship provided so many opportunities to grow. I was able to learn so much about responsibility and leadership from my superiors, peers, and even from my residents.”

– Ana Zuffi, 2018

“The people I met working for the IBC made my summer one of the best I can remember. I feel lucky to have worked with such a fun-loving, caring, hilarious, and team-oriented cohort. The energy each person brought to their work made me look forward to my job every day.”

– James Cashen, 2018

“I’m applying to Teach for America this fall. But I was, at the start of the summer, a little nervous it wouldn’t be what I was looking for…. Now, after [being a teacher’s assistant] I know that’s not true. A classroom, but one where I’m at the front, is where I want to be.”

– Mallory Steffey, 2017 & 2018

“The most impactful part of this program were my co-workers… Watching them interact with students and use their talents to enhance this program taught me a great deal.  I am lucky to have met such an array of incredible people from all over. I feel more confident pursuing new, unfamiliar opportunities after completing this program.”

– Evann Vrana, 2018

“[Working as a teacher’s assistant gave me] the opportunity to explore my own interests in law and to meet many practicing professionals in the legal field before I start law school. These opportunities have made me more aware of what I want to gain from the next chapter I will be starting in just a few weeks.

– Haylei John, 2017 & 2018

“I loved being in the city and on Columbia's campus! I really enjoyed the set up of the program with the combination of Program Assistant jobs and Resident Assistant jobs—this made it so that we all got a lot of really different experiences and could tailor our experience to our specific career goals. I also really loved being able to run trips- I love exploring cities, walking around, seeing shows, and trying new kinds of food.”

– Katelynn Quick, 2018

“Thanks to this experience, I have made amazing friends, made long-lasting relationships with my residents, and developed myself professionally. The IBC has been one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences.”

– Daniella Espinoza, 2018

“In the end, I realize the high school students have taught me more than I could have taught them…. These students think outside the box to bring forth innovative ideas, and they are genuinely motivated to succeed. Being their [teacher's assistant] made me see the value of seeing the world through a youthful lens.”

– Madison Graham, 2018

“This internship provided me [a great deal of] personal and professional growth. Whether it was through building community with my students, working with my program assistant team, being present at training or just through the friendships that were formed, I can leave this internship excited to apply new skills in my last year of college and in future careers.”

– Quinci Miller, 2018

“I really enjoyed learning about my students’ cultures. It’s one thing to read about something, but it’s much better when you can get the spill of facts and myths from someone who’s actually living in that particular area.”

– Claudonneson Vilme, 2018

“I consistently learned more about what it means to put myself out there to a group of students as their advocate and their resource…. Leadership style is something I never really thought about before, but this internship has taught me what it truly means to take on responsibility for a group of people—not to just be in charge.”

– John Madigan, 2018

“[My students] amazed me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. They are youthful but wise, silly but intelligent, and more than anything, they are truly warm-hearted individuals who are thoughtful and genuine.”

– Alexander Bhadai, 2018

“I've enjoyed working in [the program office], because it's helped me learn more about the way this program is ran and shown me sides of Columbia University that I would not have been able to experience from another Program Assistant position. As someone who is planning to pursue a career in Student Affairs, it's been awesome to learn more about an Ivy League institution and the resources it offers to students.”

– Michael Hazan, 2018

“I am shocked by the amount of personal growth I have seen in myself over the course of the summer. Despite applying for this internship to hone my skills in working with high school students for my career in education, I have also come out of it understanding much more about myself and what I am capable of.”

– Jamie Sansverie, 2018

“Challenging me to accept change and work with it in creating the best possible experience, the IBC has most definitely left its impact on me…. From going to my first ever [music] festival to meeting and working alongside academics and scholars in my field of study, the IBC exceeded my expectations on every way possible. I’ve learnt more than I would have ever expected about myself—my passions, my strengths and areas in need of improvement.”

– Yasmine Kahkhuda, 2018