“The IBC was an incredibly enriching experience for me to develop personally, professionally, and intellectually. As one who is extremely interested in pursuing a career in higher education administration, the IBC provided me with an unparalleled and extraordinary opportunity to gain practical experience.”

– Madeline Mortensen, 2016

“I was amazed with how brilliant and interesting the students were. One of my favorite things to do was to sit around after curfew and ask them about their lives and their homes. These conversations opened my eyes up to a world that I have never been able to see.”

– Madeline Kling, 2016

“The IBC is a wonderful experience, but you have to shape the program in a way that you will benefit professionally. For example, I was a course helper for a marketing course, so this will help me for future internships.”

– Naomi Alem, 2016

“Every day, I woke up not feeling as if I had to go to work, but as if I was undertaking a role that mattered to the students and organization, building and advancing a system that mattered, where my work led to results that would directly affect the program. Mostly, I was having fun. Exploring the city along with learning about everyone in the program was an incredible and eye-opening experience.”

– Jonathan Qian, 2016

“The IBC was a supporting, kind, and appropriately challenging experience that allowed me to develop both professionally and personally. Anyone, regardless of their interest, career goals, and current course of study, can benefit from participating from this program.”

– Amal Ali, 2016

“One of my [students] told me I was her role model, and that I've inspired her to work hard the next two years to reach her dream school. Hearing that I could have that impact… inspires me to keep meeting new people, learning from them and hoping that I can have a similar positive experience.”

– Jennifer El-Fakir, 2016

“We developed our professional skills but also had fun at the same time. I really appreciate IBC for giving me such a great summer. I will recommend this internship to everyone, because whatever career goals they may have, they can find a position in IBC that fits them.”

– Xinyue (Sally) You, 2016

“I loved the IBC experience. It has honestly allowed me to become more independent and confident in my ability to guide young minds and will benefit me in my profession in early education.”

– Angelica Diaz, 2016

“I will tell people that this experience was really fun, really tiring, and really fulfilling. I will tell them that I learned a lot both about working with others and about being on my own. I will tell them that I grew a lot as a person, both personally and professionally, and that the IBC made me question myself and challenge myself.”

– Rebecca DeTurk, 2016

“I have never had an internship as unique as the IBC. Being a role model to high school students along with expanding my own personal leadership skills was a perfect mix to make such a wonderful internship in one of the most amazing places in the world. Not a day went by that I didn't have the opportunity to explore somewhere new, or meet someone new.”

– Christina Craner, 2016

“I absolutely loved this program! I met amazing people—from the students to others working in the program—who challenged me to be a better person… I learn to work with different types of students from all over the world, which I think sets me apart from other people that will be entering the workforce when I do.”

– Tyree Davis IV, 2016

“I feel like I've grown thanks to IBC and Columbia. Because I can't think of a better word to describe how I feel, I would say "worldly." I just feel so prepared to face the world around me now.”

– William Mayer, 2016

“I had fun, made incredible friends, and saw NYC all while challenging myself as both a person and a professional. There were wonderful times along with very challenging times, but the entire experience was very rewarding and beautiful.”

– Jenna Henderson, 2016

“Not only did I get to experience New York for the first time, but I was able to grow so much professionally and personally. The [leadership] fosters an environment that just breaths support and encouragement to work on yourself and whatever goals you want to accomplish.”

– Christopher Bush, 2016

“The experience of being in New York and working with students from all over the world was extremely fulfilling. I learned a lot about myself through undergoing both stressful and everyday interactions; I will take these skills with me to my future leadership positions.”

– Derrick Duren, 2016

“With the training seminars on various topics such as communicating effectively with others, I was more than prepared to foster an open community.... Through my IBC experience, I have also learned to embrace challenges as they come, as they test and strengthen my skills.”

– Benjamin Chew, 2016

“It's totally different than any other summer position. It's a job that requires a lot from us while still allowing us to have fun. It's nothing that I've experienced before. I was able to get professional development while enjoying myself.”

– Sabrina Martinez, 2016

“The biggest thing that IBC and Columbia has given me professionally is the confidence that I am qualified enough to reach further than what I had previously defined my goals to be... Working with the professors I have met made me feel more like a peer than just a student, which was tremendously empowering and part of growing up, and I realize I can challenge myself further.”

– Hayley Owens, 2016

“I had never dealt with some of the situations I came across in this program, so it was great to learn how to act on my feet and to conquer those obstacles. I became more of a leader than I ever knew I could be, and while I still have work to do, I am so much stronger than I previously was. The people that I met… pushed me to go far, and because of that, I have!”

– Katie Coryell, 2016

“The IBC is an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to develop, branch out, and meet new people. This program is not for the faint of heart. You get out of it what you put in. You will be tired, but in the end, it is well worth it.”

– Andrew Wells, 2016

“It was great learning new skills that will help me with my future adventures. I've gained leadership, communication, and professional skills that will help me with my career. I've gained confidence. I've learned to be independent. I've learned who I am. I don't regret my decision one bit to come live and work in NYC for this Summer.”

– Jacqueline Foran, 2016