Seminar and Practicum

The Seminar

June 9 – June 22, 2019

Working in a series of collaborative learning workshops, interns acquire knowledge and skills needed in the contemporary workforce, as well as the nuts-and-bolts of being resident advisers and program assistants in Columbia's Summer Program for High School Students.

Topics under consideration include:

  • communication
  • conflict resolution
  • leadership
  • collaboration and organizational skills
  • event planning and coordination
  • career strategy and planning

The Practicum

June 23 – August 3, 2019

The Practicum provides interns with the opportunity to apply the skills and plans developed in the Seminar. Each intern serves as both a resident adviser and an all-purpose program assistant.

As resident advisers, interns are each assigned a group of approximately 10 high school students with whom they live in a dormitory suite or on a dormitory floor. Interns are expected to embrace their custodial responsibility as a call to lead students through the process of building a functioning community in which mutual respect and personal and collective responsibility are the hallmarks. In addition to having standard RA responsibilities, interns lead extracurricular activities both on campus and off.

As program assistants, interns provide instructional and administrative support, create program-related media, serve as teaching assistants, and organize and execute community outreach and co-curricular projects. In short, interns are responsible for the day-to-day administrative and co-curricular functioning of the Summer Program for High School Students, and the skills they gain have relevance for their careers, especially careers in residential life, student affairs, communications, higher education administration, academic affairs, online media, event planning, and education.