Katrina Pugh on the Use of Analytics in HR

Katrina Pugh, program director for the M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy, recently spoke to HR Magazine about the use of data in human resources. HR professionals do the important job of analyzing resumes and cover letters to determine a great fit for the company. Data can support this role by, for example, determining which words appear most often on the resumes of a company’s best employees. The use of data in this arena will only increase, says Pugh:

Data analysis will be an even larger part of HR in the future. To tackle complicated business challenges, HR departments will continue to dig into data to help understand the dynamics of human capital in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Still, HR professionals with data analysis experience are in high demand because they are few and far between. Pugh shares some tips for companies looking to “build analytics muscle:”

  • Sign them up for training courses in everything from Excel to “big data” systems. Coursera and other online learning platforms offer an array of options.
  • Enroll them in seminars and webinars on metrics and data analysis hosted by vendors or the Society for Human Resource Management.
  • Set up in-house training programs. Everyone in HR should understand how to run regression models and use other analytics tools to translate numbers into stories about the company’s business.

    Read the rest of the piece in HR Magazine, and learn more about the M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy (IKNS).