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IKNS Academy | Distinguished Speaker Series: Utilizing Design Thinking for Business Strategy


Apr 19, 2018 - 7:00 p.m.


Event will be held online

Whatever the sector you’re in, good design is more important than ever. Instilling your organization with a design-driven culture that puts the customer first may provide not only real, measurable results but also a distinct competitive advantage. Design Thinking is a large part of a new approach towards innovation, as it allows people, teams, and organizations to have a human-centered perspective, and yet a scientific approach, towards solving a problem.

Learn how you can use design thinking to tackle strategic issues facing large and small companies at the next edition of the IKNS Academy | Distinguished Speaker Series, hosted by the Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy program at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies.

About the Speaker

Carley Jacobson is a Strategy Designer at Business Models Inc., where she supports organizations with strategy, business model generation and validation, and value proposition design.

For six years prior, Jacobson helped grow Autodesk’s maker community, Instructables. With over 115 DIY tutorials, she has gained over 13 million pageviews and recognition from major publications, including The Huffington Post, GQ, and Popular Mechanics. She uses her experience in online community building, hackathons, content creation, and customer development to build new innovative strategies.

Jacobson holds a degree in Computer Science and Visual Art from Union College and an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts.


Carley Jacobson, Strategic Designer, Business Model Inc.