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Aaron Wallen

Aaron Wallen is Academic Director of Non-Degree Programs and Senior Lecturer in Human Capital Management at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies.

Previously, he spent nearly a decade as Lecturer in Business and Administrative Director of the Leadership Lab at Columbia’s Graduate School of Business.

He has published several articles in top organizational and social psychological journals. His research interests include gender stereotyping, ageism, negotiation, and quantitative methodology. He has taught MBA and Executive MBA courses in Managerial Negotiations and Cross-Cultural Business, as well as an undergraduate course entitled Leadership in Organizations at Columbia Business School.

In addition, he has taught courses in both Applied Research Methods, Master’s Statistics, and Negotiation in New York University’s I/O Psychology Master’s program. His industry experience includes several consulting engagements with HR/HCM units in top organizations across diverse sectors, including Goldman Sachs, KKR, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and ReturnPath. He received his Ph.D. in Social/Organizational Psychology from New York University and held a Postdoctoral position in Columbia Business School’s Management Division.