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“The Summer Program for High School Students was truly an eye-opening experience to interact with people from other regions of the world outside my bubble of New York City.”
– Ian Shen-Costello, student >>

“A perfect combination of academics, social activities, and the cultural enrichment you can only get from New York City.”
– Brandi Gil, parent

“From the enriching professors, overwhelming array of activities, and the international connections and friendships, this experience is definitely one I'll remember forever.”
– Kayla Haeri

“There was a perfect balance between freedom and structure that allowed me to be independent but safe at all times.”
– Nikki H. Huang

“I never imagined that I would be exposed to such a diverse and helpful community.”
– Miranda Piroonhapat

“[Our son] returned home with a significant and lasting positive change. We attribute this experience to the well-organized and well-balanced program at Columbia University.”
– Max and Donna Ghaderi, parents

“Our son spent his days immersed in study on Columbia’s campus, and evenings experiencing the culture and diversity of New York City.”
– Laurie and Larry Abrams, parents

“I could immediately see how much [my son] has matured. One of the first things he said was: 'It is really cool to be surrounded by intelligent people.'”
– Nadia Sikorsky, parent

“[My daughter] came back home so enthusiastic and happy, full of memories and funny stories. Definitely she came back stronger as a person and more confident.”
– Svetlana Tolstikova-Galperina, parent

“From exploring every corner of New York City to meeting a plethora of people from all walks of life, from chilling at campus to playing soccer at Riverside Park and taking the 1 train to amazing places, my experience at Columbia was by far the best experience of my life.”
– Arnav Agarwal

“His professor was engaging and energetic and brought insight to the subject, and his fellow students were inspiring and challenging. Every day was an adventure.”
– Laura Ekstrand, parent

“I made so many friends and gained so much experience as to what college life will be like.”
– Samita Islam

“The RAs and course instructors were all incredibly welcoming, friendly, and approachable; they truly want you to get as much out of this experience as you can.”
– Kyle Tower

“Kaan came back from Columbia with new perspectives on life, becoming more self-confident and independent.”
– Elif Aribal, parent

“Columbia proved to be very capable at managing a safe, urban environment that allowed our daughter to feel both secure and adventurous.”
– David Ervin, parent

“I loved going to class every day and learning about a subject that I am passionate about.”
– Bea Brown

“I gained a whole new global group of friends, which I was especially able to connect with because we were all brought together through a strong love for academics and learning.”
– Amber Chow