Introduction to Global Economics and Public Policy

Open to students entering grade 9 or 10 in the fall
I - June 24–July 12, 2019
Days & Time:
Monday–Friday, 11:10 a.m.–1:00 p.m. and 3:10–5:00 p.m.
Shivika Singh

Course Description

Is inequality an unavoidable consequence of the global economic system? How do current policies on foreign investment, offshoring labor, and immigration impact globalization and economic development? Is debt relief by international organizations to federal governments a helpful policy in the long-run? Was the 2008 financial crisis predictable? Does economic development necessarily entail a negative impact on the natural environment?

This course provides students with an understanding of current macroeconomic debates and the reasoning behind significant global policy decisions. We focus on the contentious nature of each of the topics covered so as to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each issue. Participants are introduced to concepts such as growth theory, economic geography, globalization, trade policy, balance of payments, monetary and fiscal policy, international aid and sovereign debt, and development of new currencies.

Case studies, readings, in-class discussions, debates, and student presentations provide an interactive and analytical but non-technical overview on long-term macroeconomic growth and development.


Shivika Singh

Shivika Singh is currently pursuing an M.A. in economics at Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Her primary areas of interest include international and development economics, foreign policy, bilateral trade relations between countries, and climate change negotiations. She is a Young India Fellow (2016-17) and has worked in the private sector with the Goldman Sachs operations office as an analyst. Shivika holds an undergraduate degree in economics, mathematics, and statistics from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University, India, where she volunteered as a teacher for three years. Her varied professional experience ranges from working in microfinance with women in rural India to implementing projects with the Government of India on rooftop rainwater harvesting and traffic congestion management.

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